We wrote the book because we wanted to give women courage who realized that they are just not into men. There is a lot of internal heterosexuality that people cannot get around because everyone assumes that girls and boys go together. There is a similar problem for men, but there is a lot more empowerment for men, so it is not so bad for them. Women have the hardest time because they are supposed to be weak and not make choices.

We found some stories for the book that showed women making really hard choices about who they were going to be with. We picked out the stories that we thought spoke to us the most, and we picked out the stories that had the hardest decisions in them. We know that these women had a hard time coming to these decisions, and we wanted to write about them so that women would know that they were not the only ones who had to do this. People often feel that they must be the only ones who are going through a situation, and we wanted the book to show them that they are not alone.

We know that there are a lot of women who want to have their story told, and we were sad that we could not get to everyone. But, we were really happy to have people give us stories that we might be able to use for other books in the future. We know there are women reading the book who want to have their own story told, but we hope that they feel some satisfaction in the fact that we told stories that were like theirs.

We paid special attention to the persecution that happens when women decide that they must be gay or bisexual. People immediately rail against these women because they do not want women to give up on men, but men have given these women a lot of reasons to no longer be interested. It can be really scary for a woman to admit to herself that she likes women, but our book is showing women making hard decisions even if they struggled to come to those decisions.

We hope that women who read this book feel a sense of relief that they are not the only ones, and we are happy to show women that they can make better decisions for their lives when needed.