Sometimes it takes a lifetime to finally realize what we need to be happy. So is the story of Samantha, Jane, and Gabriel.

We grow up in a world where some things are just taken as the norm. You go to school, get good grades and get a job. Find a nice, young man to marry. It's not supposed to be all fun and laughs. That's why the vows say For better or worse. But sometimes, sometimes you know there is something missing.

So go the lives of these three women. After years of unfulfilled relationships, they finally realize what is missing in their lives. They are not attracted to men. It's women who capture their emotions.

Follow the marriage of Samantha, who is yearning to go back to school and has dreams of running her own business. Learn how she helped found cash for cars San Diego And how she must deal with her deep inner struggle to do what is expected and what she wants. Feel her sadness and anger. Know what it's like to want something so clearly and then try to figure out if giving up everything and everyone is really worth it.

Step into the life of Jane. She dreamed of acting and never pursued it, along with many other things in life. Never completely satisfied in a relationship, she wonders if it's her own doing. Or is it something more than acting that she's been depriving herself of all these years. Cry with her as she sits alone and wonders what life is really all about.

And enter the world of Gabriel. Searching a city full of people, wanting to be someone, not quite sure why she never met the right guy. After living a life full of loneliness, will she finally pursue what she has been missing all along? Go on her journey to discover what she really wants in life.

The roads that they travel are not easy. Their choices are hard. But finding the courage, and the freedom to pursue their life is something they learn.

Share in the triumphs that happen to all of these women. How finding the freedom to live opens up a kinder world and great experiences. How pursuing your dreams can bring you closer to the one you never thought you'd find. How being at home is all you need when it's with the right person. Let the tears of joy flow as you learn how love can lead you to further your education, your ambitions and your heart. How when we finally make up our minds that we are supposed to be happy, that happiness comes in so many different ways.